Egidio Morandi founds the Metaltex Company in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Metaltex starts manufacturing household products made of wire: strainers, whisks, skimmers and nu­merous small utensils for the kitchen and home.


Only a year after foundation production is moved to Blevio, on the shores of Lake Como (Italy).



Within a few years Blevio is too small and in 1951 Metaltex is enlarged by moving the plant in Cernobbio (Lake Como).

The new plant increases production capacity and the Compa­ny starts manufacturing additional ranges – including dish drainers, baskets and rolling carts.



At the beginning of the 60’s a second production facility is opened in Montegiorgio, Central Italy.

During this decade Metaltex produces dishwasher baskets for the major European white goods manu­facturers.

At that time the Metaltex program is divided into three lines: Housewares, Industry articles and Point of Sale Displays.


In 1967 Metaltex opens in Germany its first foreign branch.



Metaltex take the strategic decision to cease sub-contract manufacturing in order to concentrate production capacity on its own household range.
This strategy proves successful as the Company quickly expands: new subsidiaries are formed in France (1974) ….


…. and Belgium (1976).

25 years of wire specialization bring production to more than 80.000 wire articles per day (strainers, whisks, bottle racks, space-savers, bathroom articles, etc.).

One of the best sellers lines of storage and or­ganization (born in the ‘70s) that made Metaltex famous.



In 1980 the Group’s first overseas subsidiary, Wire World of America Inc., is founded.

In 1983  the  Company  undertakes  a  corporate  re-
styl­ing, culminating in the creation of a new logo, now so familiar throughout the world.


During the following years Metaltex Group set up new subsidiaries.
In 1986 in The Netherlands, where it distributes its products under the brand Tomado. Tomado is a famous brand name, known by Benelux con­sumers as a guarantee of quality.


Two years later Metaltex opened a branch in United Kingdom ….


…. and just a few months later in Spain.



In October of 1991 the Company’s founder, Commen­datore Egidio Morandi, sadly passed away. His sons Sergio and Ivano continue the work he had begun 46 years earlier.



The expansion programme is resumed with the forma­tion of the Mexican subsidiary (1992) ….


…. followed in 1993 by the building and opening of a manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China.


In 1994 the company Gezi Taunus-Glas is acquired, a major German producer of vacuum flasks and jugs distributed under the brand SUPERTHERM.


The following year Metaltex Pacific was opened in Hong Kong, to handle the sourcing of items, manage factories’ production & logistics and distribution in the Asia Pacific area.


POLYTHERM®, the exclusive double surface coating, is engineered by Metaltex in 1996. This enduring plastic coating features a modern, metallic surface look.



Metaltex continues its geographical expansion and technological innovation.
Yet another subsidiary of the Group is set up in Turkey.

Strategic alliances with preferential distributors form the METALTEX ALLIANCE.

EPOTHERM® is presented in 2003 as an additional exclusive quality surface treatment, specifically created by Metaltex for its laundry driers range.

An epoxy-base treatment that offers at least 30% more coating protection. The coated metal wires are thicker and much more durable than traditional treatments to the elements and the ravages of time. Epotherm® will not chip, crack or discolour. Its antistatic coating provides a dust-resistant barrier.



In 2005 a third sub­sidiary is set up in the Americas, Metaltex Brazil (Brametex) ….


… closely followed by Hungary, the first subsidiary in Eastern Europe.


Before the end of the decade Metaltex opens a branch in Finland, with the scope of gathering sales from the Scandinavian and Baltic nations.



Great satisfaction for Metaltex Netherlands: the TOMADO® library – which had enjoyed a great success during the 50’s is commemorated 60 years later by the Dutch Post Office with the issue of a postage stamp.


Metaltex reinforces its presence in the Far East: Yangjiang Metaltex started operations in 2012; to­gether with Metaltex (Pacific) Ltd and Guangzhou Metaltex, they form the bridge between East and West for the whole Metaltex Group.

Design products
New generations of product join the current prod­uct Families: trendy cooking tools for Kitchen; new drill-free systems for Storage & Organization and versatile airers for Laundry care.

Is one of the latest line of cooking tools, consisting of sturdy gadgets made in stainless steel.

Introduced in 2012, is a new line of storage and or­ganization for the kitchen which requires no drilling and no tools, to be hanged on the kitchen cabinet doors.

The new generation of vertical airers: versatile and with an extra large loading capacity. Ciclone has over 40 meters of drying lines.


Metaltex launches a new corporate image including restylings of logo, product packaging and website.


Metaltex introduces CHROMETHERM®, a new and exclusive coating with a chrome finishing  look. Metaltex latest accomplishement in R&D: an innovative eco-solution that significatly reduces impact on key environmental indicators in comparison to the traditional method of chrome plating.


Metaltex trasnfers its production center from Guangzhou to Yangjiang (in Guangdong), becoming the new headquarters in China. The new facility covers an area of 30,000 m² of which 10,000 m² are covered, integrating two companies of the Group:

  • Yangjiang Metaltex Housewares for the production and storage of goods
  • Yangjiang Metaltex Trading for sourcing and quality control

Metaltex launches POLYTHERM® Copper, a metallic color variant in a new reddish-brown tone, an alternative for the market to the classic silver color of its POLYTHERM® coating.



Metaltex launches TOUCH-THERM® Lava, a completely new coating with a matte and textured black finish, which simulates the look of handmade wrought iron objects.

Metaltex celebrates its 75th anniversary since its founding.