The book, the result of a long and meticulous work by the author Antonio Murgia, is an anthology of experiences and memories that tells the story of our company Metaltex and especially the man who was the Founder, creator and charismatic leader, Egidio Morandi.

20 years after his death Murgia traces the history, from the origins of his family through to the first factory in Blevio Italy, and gradually coming to the present day with Metaltex now a major force in international markets, with 4 factories, 700 employees, and 75 countries of export.

The book richly illustrated contains interesting contributions from members of the Morandi family, employees and former employees, through their stories it draws the portrait of a man, Egidio Morandi, a businessman by vocation with great resourcefulness, power of observation, managerial skills but also guided by the great humanity and concern for people around him.

Antonio Murgia- Sardinian born writer and historian, based for many years in Larian territory, gained a degree in modern Italian Literature at the catholic University of Milan, an ex employee of Metaltex Italy for over 30 years, where he held various positions before becoming the Sales Director for Italy.