Over time we have received several questions from our customers about our products. To help more people easily solve their doubts, we publish the most frequently asked questions on this page.

General questions

We don’t have our own online store, but our products are well distributed in the territory and can also be easily found through e-commerce channels.

Yes, all of our products have the minimum guarantee required by law. Moroever, some of our storage & organization products are guaranteed up to 6 years. For more specific information about this topic please read our Warranty Terms

Yes, Metaltex products are regularly tested during production and shipment, so that we can ensure our products to be safe

Yes, certainly all of our kitchen gloves are reliable and comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Directive. You can find their Declaration of Conformity under Consumer Info.

Some of them are dishwasher safe, while others can only be washed by hand.
If you want to be sure, check the product packaging, where you’ll find a specific dishwasher symbol for the items that are 100% suitable for dishwasher.
You’ll find a crossed symbol on items to be washed only by hand.
If there is no specific information, the product could be dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing so that the product can last over time.
Usually all single-material products can be washed in the dishwasher, ideally on the top rack as many dishwashers have different temperatures and heat cycles.
Products that shouldn’t be washed in the dishwasher are the wooden ones, the EPOXY coated and the nonstick.

Wood is a natural material that tends to absorb moisture and liquids, so all wooden utensils and tools should only be hand washed.

The blades of kitchen knives are made with a specific type of stainless steel to give the blades the necessary hardness and resistance. This type of steel is more sensitive to water than others. We therefore recommend to wash the knives by hand and dry them thoroughly to make them last.
To avoid bacterial contamination, we recommend hand washing with the help of a bottle brush.
There is no standard timeframe, but it is important to pay attention to the integrity of the coating. If there are visible scratches or damage to the coating, replacement is recommended. The average lifespan of pans can be extended by avoiding dishwasher washing and opting for the use of silicone, wood, and plastic utensils instead of metal ones.
We recommend washing them by hand with hot water and a small amount of dish detergent, then letting them dry thoroughly before storing. To protect the wood surface, periodic treatment with natural oils (such as sunflower seed oil) or food-safe mineral oils is recommended.