On February 1st, 1945 in Switzerland Egidio Morandi together with two friends founded Metaltex, opening its first location in via Vincenzo Vela in Mendrisio. The company’s mission was to manufacture iron wire articles.

The name METALTEX derives from the fusion of the words metal and textile. In fact, at the end of the World War II the iron wire was not yet electrically welded. At the meeting points the threads were held together with thin iron wires that passed from one crossing point to the next. The operation was described as “weaving iron wire”.

Metaltex immediately targeted export markets and only a year later in 1946 opened its first branch in Italy on Lake Como. With continuous adaptation to new situations and opportunities, Metaltex has since had great growth and continuing development, creating a group that today holds 15 branches on 3 continents.

The production of iron wire articles has been carried out in the factories of Genestrerio CH (since 1945), Maslianico IT (since 1946), Montegiorgio IT (since 1960), Guangzhou CN (since 1993), this latter production centre transferred to Yangjiang (CN) in 2012 and has been in operation since then.

In 1975 in order to expand its program Metaltex began the outsourcing of household items made with different technology from that of iron wire, at that time Metaltex items were produced in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and then moved to China in the 80s.

Today Metaltex is proud to have earned the trust of its more than 6.000 customers spread out in 75 countries, having met the needs of consumers in its three product categories “Kitchen Utensils”, “Storage and Organization” and “Laundry Care”. Occupying an important place in the world of housewares thanks to its 600 collaborators, 20 distribution centres, 50.000 pallet bays and over 100.000 covered square meters.

75 years is an important anniversary and a good basis for the further strengthening of the group.