The TOMADO bookshelf is an original modular shelving system, truly a timeless work! Designed by Adriaan Dekker in 1958, it was immediately a great success. A simple and minimalist product, easy to assemble, modular, suitable for many environments but, above all, a Design Product.

In 2010 the Dutch Post Office issued a stamp commemorating its 50th anniversary of its launch. Now our bookshelf is part of the permanent exhibition at the famous Stedelijk Museum (Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam), to contend the interest of visitors among the works of Picasso and Chagall.

The cartoon of the eclectic Belgian artist and cartoonist Kamagurka speaks for itself: “Here is finally the Tomado library at the Stedelijk” “the Picasso is déjà vu”.

Today Tomado bookshelf is proposed in many versions… our work of art for every environment of the house!