TOMADO, the timeless brand

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It will not be a coincidence that the TOMADO bookshelf, which only 4 months ago was exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, the museum of modern art in Amsterdam, today fills the double page of Holland’s most popular daily newspaper, De Telegraaf. The well-known newspaper highlights how the TOMADO brand and its products, despite the evolution of time, are still...

Tomado bookshelf at the Stedelijk

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The TOMADO bookshelf is an original modular shelving system, truly a timeless work! Designed by Adriaan Dekker in 1958, it was immediately a great success. A simple and minimalist product, easy to assemble, modular, suitable for many environments but, above all, a Design Product. In 2010 the Dutch Post Office issued a stamp commemorating its 50th anniversary...

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