Last week Metaltex Mexico had the opportunity to present some of our emblematic products in CIMACO chain store, at the cities of Torreon and Saltillo, Mexico. It was a cooking demonstration where we used some of the dishes of our wonderful “MyChef” recipe book; delicious chicken crepes in poblano sauce and chocolate spread crepes with bananas and strawberry. We had an enthusiastic audience of about one hundred guests.

During the elaboration of the dishes, we promoted some Metaltex products, specially our delightfully showy MyChefcookware. The people were impressed by our wonderful Stone-Tex technology.
At the end we made a raffle of Metaltex products and all the audience enjoyed our food tasting. Some people were delighted to purchase a kit of MyChef.

We are very grateful to CIMACO for its wonderful attention and enthusiasm during our presentation.