CIMACO presentation

2022-07-21T10:19:25+02:00June 2015|Categories: 2015, Mexico, Posts|Tags: |

Last week Metaltex Mexico had the opportunity to present some of our emblematic products in CIMACO chain store, at the cities of Torreon and Saltillo, Mexico. It was a cooking demonstration where we used some of the dishes of our wonderful “MyChef” recipe book; delicious chicken crepes in poblano sauce and chocolate spread crepes with bananas and strawberry. We had an enthusiastic audience of about one hundred guests...

Rotomac, the revolutionary chopper

2022-08-19T11:50:48+02:00February 2013|Categories: 2013, Posts, Switzerland|Tags: |

A revolutionary product was presented on the Metaltex booth, at last month’s Ambiente international fair in Frankfurt: Rotomac. Chopping fruits, vegetables, herbs, and much more is no longer a problem: the super-sharp blades of Rotomac slice and mince in seconds from coarse to fine… Just like a chef would have done! Easy to use and very fast...

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