Drying the Italian Moka has never been easier

Drying the Italian Moka has never been easier

If you’re a fan of Italian coffee with its rich, strong flavor, you probably have a Moka coffee pot. It’s no secret though that drying it after use can be a bit of a challenge for anyone.

That’s where our new Moka-Station comes in: a one-of-a-kind drying dock designed specifically for Moka coffee pots. Its unique design keeps the top of the Moka perfectly in place by using the upper drying shelf, and the lid open downwards. This innovative product makes drying your Moka pot easy and efficient, ensuring it will fully dry every time.

• easy and full drying: the moka pot stays open and dries perfectly
• with a practical handle to move it easily
• available in two different sizes: for moka pot up to 3 or 6 cups
• iron wire with Touch-Therm LAVA coating
• 5-year guarantee
• matt black
Use and care
• rustproof and dustproof properties
• easy to clean with a damp cloth
Made in Italy
• 12 x 16 x 20 cm | Moka-Station 3
• 14 x 16 x 26 cm | Moka-Station 6
• 321613 000 | Moka-Station 3
• 321616 000 | Moka-Station 6

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for an easier way to dry your Moka pot, the Moka-Station is the perfect solution.

 A practical top handle allows you to move it without any issues, even with a Moka pot resting on it.

The Moka-Station also features a drip tray that keeps your counter clean and it’s available in two sizes to dry large and small models. The Moka-Station can also be used to store away the pot, guaranteeing air flowing: in this way, the next time you use your moka, you’ll be sure to enjoy an exquisite, flavourful coffee, without unpleasant odours caused by moisture.