Customizable, roomy and compact Customizable, roomy and compact Introducing Blade-Fit, the ultimate customizable knife holder that is perfect for storing your knives safely in a drawer. With Blade-Fit, you can enjoy a tidy and spacious drawer thanks to its compact design that allows you to organize your knives according to [...]

Origin LAVA


Elevate your bathroom with Origin LAVA Elevate your bathroom with Origin LAVA Introducing our latest line of storage and organization accessories for [...]



Finally dry and clean bottles! Finally dry and clean bottles! Drying bottles has never been easier. Sodatex is a perfect ally to position bottles and thermal containers so that they can dry well, even inside, and in total safety. Its [...]



Kitchen sink organizer Kitchen sink organizer Tidytex is the small and compact organizer that provides the ideal space to always have a tidy sink. Eclectic in its simplicity of adaptation, the compartments configuration can be changed according to your preferences. Everything finds a place in the Tidytex, [...]

Aquatex Plus


The versatile dish drainer The versatile dish drainer Small but definitely eclectic in its adaptability, it can in fact easily transform into a more spacious version to arrange dishes, glasses and anything else you want to dry. The plastic tray, [...]

Viva! Line


Keep your bathroom nice and tidy Keep your bathroom nice and tidy The convenience of having a bathroom that is not only functional but also beautiful to look at. The Viva! line products are designed with [...]

Galileo Line


Everything in its place for easy access! Everything in its place for easy access! The Galileo Line is precisely designed for those who want a tidy and well-organized kitchen all the time. In the blink [...]



Smart cup holder Smart cup holder My-Mug is a true revelation in the kitchen! The smart space saver that has won everyone over with its practicality. Simply slide it onto the wall cabinet shelf and it's already ready to [...]



Shoe Rack Shoe Rack No more shoes scattered everywhere in total disorder. Shoe is the space-saving solution for you: just choose the size that best suits your needs, and keeping your footwear organized will finally be a breeze. You can neatly [...]

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