Marketing Meeting 2023

May 2023|2023, Hungary, Posts|

“We're thrilled to share the success of the Metaltex Marketing Meeting in Budapest. With 25 sales managers from our European branches and 7 headquarters representatives, the event was packed with a full-day schedule with presentations and projects from our talented team. Sergio Morandi, our CEO, kicked off the day with a warm welcome, including our first-time attendee Julie Strahl, managing director of our Belgian subsidiary...

Marketing Meeting 2012

May 2012|2012, Hungary, Posts|

From 3 different continents 50 executives of the Metaltex branches, gathered in Budapest to discuss new products and marketing-sales strategies. 2013 will be a year of big changes for Metaltex: The Group will continue with the development of several new appealing products allocated in the three major areas in which Metaltex specializes: small kitchen utensils, storage and organization and...

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