“Shuffle the cards!”: that’s the slogan with which Metaltex presented new style packaging for the most important family in our range – Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets – at the Ambiente 2012 show in Frankfurt. More than 500 products (representing part of the ample range of more than 1,500 products) divided in 4 sub families: Cooking, Serving, Baking and Tidying were shown at the Metaltex booth in this new look.

The new packaging increases planogram flexibility as we can now fit up to 15% more products per square meter on the point of sale. This optimization also means sustainability: reduction in packaging waste. Last but not least the new packaging has become lighter and comes along in modern, fashionable colours. Presenting an increased brand visibility by less but clearer information strengthening the company’s direction for simplicity and quality at the point of sale.

At Metaltex we paint our own rainbow was the slogan that highlighted the new promotional Rainbow colours. A special eye-catcher were definitely the 36 colored rolling carts suspended from the ceiling in our booth. In fact Metaltex is now launching some of its best selling products (rolling carts, undershelf baskets, dish drainers and shoeracks) from the Storage & Organization family in 11 different colours, tailored to suit the tastes of our customers and consumers.