Professor Carlo Pizzichini has been appointed ‘Academic Correspondent of the Class of Painting’ at The Academy of the Arts of Drawing in Florence, for recognition of his work in artistic Research and Experimentation.

The appointment took place on October 18 in conjunction with the academy’s opening ceremony of the academic year. The prestigious institute is the oldest art academy in the world (established in 1563), headquartered in the Palazzo dell’Arte Beccai. Throughout its history, the academy has seen more than 6,500 members, including: Michelangelo, Cellini, Vasari, Titian, Tintoretto and Palladio.

Metaltex has sponsored Pizzichini in numerous exhibitions across the world, establishing a close relationship between artist and company. Pizzichini has contributed to the creation of Metaltex catalogue covers, textile prints for products like ironing boards and not to mention some specially commissioned projects, such as the historical exhibition in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Metaltex and the creation of the sculpture “barca-fontana” (fountain-boat) located at the company’s park of Metaltex-Italia.

To Pizzichini, our sincerest thanks and congratulations!