The annual Metaltex Group Marketing Meeting was recently held in Strasbourg, France. Over 50 Metaltex colleagues gathered from across three continents to attend the meeting, where they were informed about new product launches, merchandising programmes and business strategies for the forthcoming year.

The meeting opened with a speech from the company’s President Sergio Morandi, who emphasised the good international performance of the Group, despite the ongoing global economic crisis. Positive results confirmed the effectiveness of previously undertaken strategies and encouraged a surge to continue pushing innovative product design and merchandising, excellent customer service and development in new media and digital marketing (e-shops and social media).

Many products were presented over the two days, some of the highlights included the ‘Kitchen’ category (Family 1), with over 40 new products presented for the ‘Baking’ subfamily, along with new additions to further expand the new ‘Pots and Pans’ range. New tools for ‘Cooking’ were also shown, including products for preparing dough and pasta.

‘Storage & Organization’ (Family 2) saw two new lines added for bathroom and kitchen.

Whilst ‘Laundry Care’ (Family 3; a range entirely manufactured in Italy) concluded with some new colour items and laundry driers with particularly inventive features, hoping to catch the customer’s attention when launched in early 2015.

New merchandising displays and promotional videos for point of sale were also well received by the Group.

The meeting ended with a visit to Metaltex France, a few kilometres from Strasbourg. Followed by a picturesque boat trip along the river Ill, to take in the sights of the beautiful capital city of Alsace.