Metaltex’s commitment to safeguard 20 centuries of history

Italy is home to many sites of architectural, historical & cultural significance. In particular – the Roman theatre of Falerone – situated in the central region of Italy, near the Adriatic Coast and close to Metaltex main manufacturing center comprising some 30,000 square meters.

Falerio Picenus (Falerone) was a Roman colony, founded by the Emperor Augustus for his legionaries.
Its theatre, completed in 43 A.D., was dedicated to the Emperor Tiberius.
Its architectural structure is an example of the “urbanistic” style of 2,000 years ago: with a perimeter of about 80 metres and a diameter of about 50 metres it could seat up to 1,600 people. The perimeter was circled by statues, some of which are now in the Municipal Museum and the Louvre in Paris.
Even today, 20 centuries after it was built, during the summer the theatre re-lives past glories as it hosts important cultural events.

Metaltex is proud to provide long-term sponsorship towards safeguarding this heritage site for future generations.