Special Olympics State Games

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From March 7th to March 12th, the Georg-Wimmer-Schule SBBZ was present at the Special Olympics in Todtnauberg with four students in cooperation with two students from the MPG Lahr. After two training days on the Feldberg, another training session was unfortunately not possible due to bad weather conditions...

The alpine skiing team of the Georg Wimmer School shines again!

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The alpine skiing team of the Georg-Wimmer-Schule Lahr currently consists of five athletes with a mental disability and three supervisors. The team usually trains once a year for a week in the Black Forest and then takes part in a competition of the Special Olympics...

Special Olympics Liechtenstein

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German athletes from Lahr at the Special Olympics Liechtenstein, sponsored by METALTEX. From Wednesday, February 12th until Sunday, February 16 the Alpine Ski Team of the Georg Wimmer School took part in the Special Olympics in Liechtenstein with five athletes and three supervisors. The best weather and snow conditions were used for training on...

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