Last February in Bologna, our colleague from Montegiorgio (FM-Italy) Paolo La Manna, won the second rank in the national championship of stick-fighting organized by the CSEN federation. A discipline that turns out to be the national martial art of the Philippines, commonly called “Arnis” or “Kali Eskrima”.

Instructor and athlete of the “Rollo Team” at the Montegiorgio headquarters, Paolo La Manna excelled in a hard-fought challenge. Almost reaching the top step of the podium during the finals, nevertheless, he got a well-deserved silver medal in the men’s category under 78 kg. Protagonists of the event were also other memebers of his team that collected prizes in the various categories of the competition. From Metaltex all our best wishes to Paolo La Manna and the “Rollo Team” for their future competitions.