Metaltex started a collaboration in 2020 with the Paolo Carcano Institute, known as the *Setificio of Como for the development of patterns for home textile products. (*Italian for silk factory).

Thanks to the coordination of the Setificio Foundation, which manages the interaction between the institute and the “job market”, Metaltex has involved the students in a professional work. Following a detailed brief held by the company, the classes have created about 50 different pattern proposals, which some are already in an advanced stage of development.

The coordinating professors Flavia Proserpio and Roberta Del Romano expressed great satisfaction for this occasion: “We are very happy with the work done and we thank Metaltex and the Setificio Foundation. With this path our students were able to experience a practical work project, from the initial idea to design, following the necessary steps to make it feasible. Thanks to Metaltex, our students will see their ideas enter the homes of many families: a truly unique satisfaction!”.

The feedback is also positive from the product manager Anna Baldacci and the marketing manager Marco Morandi of Metaltex: “The creativity and preparation of the students and professors undoubtedly reflect the fame of this Institute, and our company is proud to have given life to such a complex and challenging project, especially at a time when it is difficult to manage student experiences inside companies. It is our intention to finalize the project and present it to selected clients over the next years”.