Simply effective, simply elegant.

Simply effective, simply elegant.

Introducing Tango INOX, our new wall-mounted kitchen roll dispenser. Featuring an elegant and timeless design and made from high-quality ABS plastic with a stainless-steel front, making it both durable and stylish.

What sets Tango INOX apart from other roll dispensers is its innovative open-close cutting system, which allows for quick and neat cutting without the risk of tangling. This is a common issue experienced when using other roll dispensers with transparent films.

• two inner compartments for cling film and aluminum foil
• ideal to place any roll up to 34 cm of length and ø5 cm
• with 2 holders for kitchen paper and a set of 6 hooks to hang kitchen tools
• stainless steel cover
• ABS plastic body
• dark grey/inox
Use and care
• quick and neat cut with a single blow
• easy to clean with a damp cloth
• 38 x 6 x 17 cm
• 254412 000

Designed down to the smallest details.

Experience the perfect combination of form and function with Tango INOX.

with 6 hanging hooks for kitchen utensilswith 2 holders for paper roll

With its adjustable and flexible design, Tango INOX can be customized to suit your specific needs. The dispenser comes with two supports for the kitchen roll and six hooks for hanging utensils. This provides added convenience and flexibility in your daily kitchen tasks.

Additionally, Tango INOX can be used as a worktop dispenser or easily stored inside a drawer. This versatility makes it a practical and convenient addition to any kitchen.