Metaltex online presence

Metaltex presents its renewed online presence

Last Monday, Metaltex officially launched its redesigned website (the one you are currently browsing), featuring improved product presentations and highly anticipated responsive device features.

Simultaneously, we introduced a new Instagram program designed to provide a fresh and engaging perspective on our products. We are excited to present one of our esteemed colleagues, Brina, who will represent Metaltex on this popular social media platform.

Brina’s expertise in our products and her captivating charisma will establish a renewed connection between our company and our valued customers, allowing our products to be experienced in a vibrant and dynamic manner beyond traditional catalogues.

Through her dedicated efforts, Brina will present our latest product offerings two to three times per week, alongside some of our most popular and highly rated items. From storage and organization solutions to kitchenware and home essentials, she will showcase the best that Metaltex has to offer, ensuring you stay up to date with our latest innovations.
Join us on Instagram to stay engaged and connected with our community. Simply click on the Instagram logo below to access our social media account.

As Brina mentioned in her inaugural reel: stay tuned and see you soon!