“Good morning Mexico, good morning U.S., good evening Hong Kong and good afternoon to everybody else in the middle”. That’s how our first Online Marketing & Sales Manager Meeting started on Tuesday May 11th 2021, involving Metaltex branches on 3 different continents.

An important number of projects concerning new products to be launched in 2022 have been submitted to the Metaltex group of companies for their evaluation and decision. Additional presentations had far more reaching scopes including online sales, our new Corporate Website, and sales on social media. In 2020 the annual marketing meeting was skipped for the first time in its history, because of the global pandemic COVID-19. Thanks also to the technical support of a team of 3 professional videomakers, we managed to meet again after a long year with 44 participants from 13 nations of the Metaltex Group.

In order to hold this meeting, it was also necessary the use of various technical and electronic devices including a green screen, 3 high-definition digital cameras, 2 production sets, 6 computers, lights, microphones, high speed internet connection, and of course the computers of all participants.

We can proudly say that this was for sure a challenge, but also a great opportunity and a big success for all the Metaltex Group.