A great friend of Metaltex, the hotelier and restaurateur Oscar, opened the Pavilion from the Marche at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The life of Oscar is a great Italian story, made of commitment and passion for his own work. Oscar, with the help of his wife Amorina, began his business with a small bar with a food shop. The bar was then transformed into the restaurant “Oscar e Amorina” in Montegiorgio (Fermo), which, step by step, became today the famous resort.

A great friendship has always existed between Oscar and his wife Amorina with the Metaltex founder Egidio Morandi and his wife Jole. Since the early ’60s “Oscar e Amorina” collaborated with Metaltex in managing all its parties and banquets held in the area of Montegiorgio. Even today, at the age of 92 years, his constant presence in daily business is a guarantee for his son Francesco, who now runs the resort.

We hope that in the coming years Oscar will continue with the same passion and spirit that has always characterized him.