Shopping Trolleys
Do the shopping with little effort! With ease and delight.


The pleasure of going shopping becomes delightful! Especially when things are not carried over shoulders… everything you need at your fingertips without effort.


Compact forms, lightweight, special support systems and extra pockets are the trump cards of Metaltex shopping trolleys, your best allies for transportation of everything you need to buy.

The carts are not only made up with rugged construction, large pockets and ergonomic handles for daily tough use. Each cart model is unique in its kind:

  • Vanda
    3 ways of carry: 2-wheel as a standard shopping cart; 4-wheel for effortless push and pull; and as a back pack (using the wide strip for carry, at the back of shopping bag).
  • Krokus & Orchid
    with insulated pockets, ensuring that frozen food keeps frozen during the journey.
  • Daphne & Poppy
    with umbrella holder for the unexpected changing weather.

Furthermore the Shopping Carts by Metaltex have ergonomic handles and sturdy wheels and practical resistant bags made in breathable fabrics with extra storage pockets.



The range offers a wide choice of colours and trendy decorations, to do the shopping with pleasure!



If your purchases are quick and easy, especially for those last-minute emergencies… Try our colourful bags!

Sturdy, comfortable and when folded become very tiny easy to store away on any pocket!



To complete the line, our two carriers Lama & Sherpa for the transport of heavier objects especially for home and garden …




… or in all those situations where it is better to leave the carry of heavy things by the tough guys.