Maximum loading capacity in minimum space.


Not many dish racks in the market are able to offer a great performance without taking up the precious space needed in the kitchen.

WingTex is the best solution for those who are looking for a dish rack with a great loading capacity without compromising the space.


Designed with simple and smart features:

  • Foldable side wing-rack, capable to fit all your dishes when it is open and save a lot of space when it is closed.
  • The central hollow section designed to easily drain all the cutlery and cooking tools.
  • Glasses, cups, pots are placed instead on the flat large rack.
  • Plastic tray to collect the water, ensuring countertops to be always dry.
  • Coated in Polytherm® : the exclusive Metaltes anti-rust & anti-dust coating.

WingTex, simple product with a great performance for a functional kitchen.