Tidy-Tex & Softex
Help to get the jobs done easier.

In kitchens today, space is increasingly reduced. It becomes important to organize them properly to make the daily work more efficient. That’s why Metaltex proposes today, TIDY-TEX and SOFTEX.


This practical sink organizer stores all the accessories for cleaning dishes, neatly in a small space (liquid detergents, sponges and cloths etc.).

It can be assembled in different configurations to fit every need. It is equipped with two retractable brackets for hanging cloths and sponges. A perfect tool to organize the sink area. Dishwasher safe.


Super absorbent microfiber draining mat (made of polyester and polyurethane foam). Its soft cushioned surface is ideal to protect all kind of kitchenware, especially the delicate tableware.
Its high absorbency keeps the worktop dry.

Perfect also for creating an extra drying space when necessary.