Unleash the genius within.


A dish drainer
organized and adaptable

Made in Italy, GENIUS-TEX is a dish drainer with a large load capacity on two levels with high quality guaranteed.

The upper rack specially designed to fit all your crockery, comes with a removable plastic tray ideal for cutlery and saucers. The tray can be put away and used separately providing maximum flexibility.



Provides large loading flexibility especially for those occasions where all dishes came out from the cabinets when you have houseguests.


The large lower rack is ideal for cups, glasses and pots. By removing the upper plastic tray, there will be enough space for larger pots or tall and narrow jugs. Even cutting boards have their own dedicated space.

The drip tray will keep your kitchen countertop clean and dry.

Coated in Polytherm®: the exclusive Metaltex anti-rust & anti-dust coating.

GENIUS-TEX … a genius in the kitchen!