Aquatex Plus
The dish drainer that adapts to your demands.

Small Family? Lack of space?
AQUATEX PLUS becomes small enough to fit your needs without cluttering the kitchen countertop!

Large Family? Guests in the house?
No problem; AQUATEX PLUS doubles its draining capacity to fit all the dishes that you have used!

The secret?
AQUATEX PLUS has an additional plastic tray that can be inserted into the dish drainer, hooked externally or used separately … adapting its form according to the needs of the moment.

Plus the practical drip tray also allows you to support the dish rack anywhere, without wetting and dirtying the kitchen. Used separately becomes an extra draining surface.

A quality product: AQUATEX PLUS is manufactured in Italy and coated in Polytherm ® : the exclusive Metaltex anti-rust & anti-dust coating.

AQUATEX PLUS… A lot of pluses…. zero defects!