An organized and tidy kitchen without drilling walls.

Everything organized in the kitchen within easy reach.

Cooking can become a joy rather than a chore. With Eureka! range everything that you need is readily available and well organized.

The range includes a hanging bar, hooks, baskets and shelves where everything has its own place: from spice jars to bottles of oil or vinegar, small containers for pasta to those for flour and sugar, kitchen rolls, washing up liquid, coffee filters and even cutlery can find their precise place.

Advantages of the system:

  • Simple and modern design easily adaptable to any environment.
  • Adhesive supports are simple and easy to hang made with resistant and lasting materials.
  • The line is coated in Polytherm ®: the exclusive Metaltex anti-rust & anti-dust coating.


Hanging without drilling!

The adhesive supports are easily attached to walls and tiles with the extra-strong SAFE-FIX glue.
Easy to remove with a scraper and does not leave any residuals.