Onyx line
Metaltex laundry dryers in a trendy All Black outfit.

The recently launched new collection of laundry dryers is called: Onyx, referring to the “stony” rough surface of its external protective coating.

The range consists of six of Metaltex bestseller laundry dryers. It includes two winged models: Hydra and Fuji with a drying length capacity of 18 and 20 m, both incorporate a pair of practical socks holders over the main frame; two tower models: Storm and Dijon both with 3-tiers of independent foldable grids, which showcases the half opening feature, with a drying length capacity of 33 and 34 meters; and two alternative dryers for the balcony or the bathtub: Bries and Nevis with a drying capacity of 6m and 7m, which can be used as additional drying space for every household.

The Onyx range is presented with stylish structure that enhances its trendy all-black uniqueness, appearing as a design piece in and around living spaces. The protective coating in which the Onyx range has been covered, is highly durable and its “stony” texture ensures an undoubtedly special characteristic of a heavy-duty product. The range has been manufactured under Metaltex facilities in Italy with a 3-year guarantee.

ONYX dryers: Loading capacity and durability in a trendy all-black style.