Huracán Onyx
More than a trendy all-black laundry dryer.

Huracán Onyx is Metaltex’s newest free-standing laundry dryer, taller and with a larger loading capacity than most of the foldable wing laundry dryers available in the market.

No matter if you have to dry blankets, or long outfits (trousers, dresses, etc.) Huracán Onyx can easily hold them with its 24 m of clotheslines and 115 cm of height, keeping your laundry clean above the floor.

Equipped with functional accessories: 2 side holders for small items, a pair of practical hooks for drying sneakers, and 2 wheels to facilitate its displacement in the house.

The Onyx range is presented with stylish structure that enhances its trendy all-black uniqueness, appearing as a design piece in and around living spaces. The protective coating in which the Onyx range has been covered, is highly durable and its “stony” texture ensures an undoubtedly special characteristic of a heavy-duty product.

Huracán Onyx is made in Italy and guaranteed for three years.