The new laundry dryer that fits where you least expect it.

GALE is a compact but smart and efficient drying rack that allows you to exploit the space behind doors and shower boxes.

Easily hangs over doors and shower boxes without tools.

Adapts to different thickness doors thanks to its sturdy hooks in reversible strap.

Comes with 3 folding grids, adapted to meet every need:

  • The 3 open grids hang up to 11 meters of washing. Opening only one allows you to hang larger and/or longer items
  • Always ready for the next task: When not in use, it is not necessary to store it away, just lower the grids, saving even more space
  • The grids are exclusively coated in EPOTHERM®, guaranteeing greater resistance and keeps dust away

GALE, a breath of fresh air to dry your laundry.