The vertical laundry drier with extra large loading capacity.


Flexible and transformable, solves all the laying problems.

In the laundry room, ironing room, bathroom or outdoors… CYCLONE is the solution to the daily problems of laying. CYCLONE has been designed to be placed in both large and small spaces, adapting its load capacity.

Its advantages:

  • Extra large loading capacity: can dry over 40 meters of drying lines, which is comparable to the capacity of 2 full washing machines.
  • Flexibility: Self-supporting drying grids, allow an easy, unobstructed loading from the front. All grids are independent and individually foldable, allowing the hanging of sheets, curtains and extra large towels. Includes two convenient clothes hanger holders to hang jackets and shirts to dry.
  • Convenient for small spaces: flexibility allows them to be used half open in order to fit into smaller spaces such as the bathroom, laundry or ironing room.
  • Opens and closes in seconds: when not in use Ciclone’s grids and feet can be quickly folded, becoming compact and unclog. (10 cm depth when closed).
  • Guaranteed quality: main structure of anodized aluminum and grids treated in the exclusive Metaltex Epotherm® coating, granting resistance and lightness characteristics that guarantee a long lasting product’s life.