Clothes Hangers
Perfect clothes, as freshly ironed.

Metaltex line of clothes hangers makes your wardrobe perfect: always clean and neat.

Made from wood, anodized aluminium, wire or plastic…  5 lines of hangers that offer you the right product to fulfil your needs:

  • ALU line
    Anodized aluminium, fashion
  • WOOD line
    Light wood varnished, classic
  • DARK WOOD line
    Light wood varnished, elegant
  • SOFT line
    Chrome plated with anti-slide foam coating
  • ANTI-SLIDE line
    Plastic coated wire, uncomplicated
  • PLASTIC line
    Different coloured plastic, fun

The wide assortment comprises different design of hangers: classic shape for shirts and jackets; hangers with anti-slip bar for trousers or with clips for skirts and shorts and robust hangers ideal for coats. Different shapes to perfectly suit any kind of clothes.

With Metaltex hangers your clothes will look always perfect, like freshly ironed.