Supertherm – Vacuum flaks
Temperature under control!

The SUPERTHERM vacuum flasks in plastic or stainless steel by Metaltex are practical, attractive and durable. The convenience and pleasure to bring a hot or cold drink anywhere wanted.
All flask provide a lid that once opened, becomes a practical cup.

The stainless steel models: Cosmos or Galaxy, with double-wall insulation are strength, durable and are great for outdoor activities.

Ares, Nettuno, and Twin made in plastic have an internal insulation flask made in glass, to ensure greater resistance to temperature, guaranteed according to the European standards (EN 1246-1).

Family, with a capacity of 1.8 liters, is the ideal model to carry when there are many. Comes with a set of two cups and has also a small compartment for sugar or tea. Comes with soft-touch handle that allows a comfortable and secure grip.
Family complies also the European norms.