X-Tra Roll
the roll dispenser that cuts with just a

X-Tra Roll is a handy and efficient roll dispenser for aluminum foil and cling film that cuts with precision in just one “click”.

The roll dispenser has a spring system that opens automatically when you slide the latch to unlock it, assisting the user during the process of operation. There is ease when pulling out the foil or cling film because the inner container consists of a sharp edge, specially made to capture the side of the roll. Once the foil is pulled and container is closed, an alerting “click” will indicate the foil has been neatly cut without any unwanted tearing.


    Two extra features of X-Tra Roll are its inner adjustable holders, meaning that it can hold different roll sizes from 20.5 cm to 34 cm in length.

    Along with this, there are brackets that allow two additional dispensers to be attached together in order to have a 2-in-1 feature with the ability to hold both foil and cling film in one hand. Collectively, the dispenser can be easily stored inside drawers.