a spacious but compact colander

Drain-On is the brand-new colander which Metaltex will be launching this 2020. Its main two characteristic are volume capacity and great space saving inside the sink while in use.

The triangular shape of the Drain-On has been specially designed to make it compact while maintaining enough volume capacity (3.1 L), holding up to two packs of freshly boiled pasta (2kg/5lb).


Drain-On is also a space saving colander thanks to its retractable flaps, which can be opened and closed easily. This feature allows Drain-On to stand-alone over any flat surface (when the flaps are closed) or used on a corner of a kitchen sink when the flaps are opened, keeping unobstructed the central area for other kitchen tasks.

In addition these flaps can be adjusted to suit a variety of kitchen sinks. No matter the size of a sink, Drain-On is convenient for all.