J. G. Vergopoulos in full sail!

The firm J.G. VERGOPOULOS in Palini is the first member of METALTEX ALLIANCE. John Vergopoulos has been part of the “METALTEX family” for over 20 years, being a credit to our brand name in Greece, the cradle of European civilization. As a member of METALTEX ALLIANCE J.G. VERGOPOULOS is ensured the Metaltex Team’s full assistance, both in Europe and in China.

His daughter Helen is a sailing enthusiast and hence a further bond with Metaltex’s Sailing Team.
The boat, which competes in the ORC category, is called CYNTHIA II METALTEX and ranked absolute 2nd at the Spring Cup held in Voula this year. It came absolute 1st in Epidauros in 2005 and 1st in its category in the Mauri Gida.

CYNTHIA II METALTEX captained by the skipper Gregory Fridas is now making its way to the Cyclades Regatta 2005.


Helen Vergopoulos (second from the left) with Gregory Fridas (third from the left).