el nuevo color de tendencia en cocinas

Metaltex presents 19 bestselling products with the current on-trend color: BLACK. 

Until now, the successful products in the kitchen storage and organization range, had been launched in metallic colors. The newly developed LAVA range is not only the first to introduce this innovative and new aesthetic, but also the very first to present the latest Metaltex exclusive coating: Touch-Therm. 

Behind its dark wrought iron appearance, the LAVA range has a technical new coating. Metaltex has named it Touch-Therm. This coating consists of a high-quality touch, with a texturized coating, but without the harsh or coarse feel. 

Furthermore, the external Touch-Therm coating creates a protective rustproof shell, making all LAVA products durable and rust free. This ensures that its eye-catching appearance remains permanent. Touch-Therm coating has a 5-year guarantee. 

LAVA line, functionality and technology with an authentic industrial look.  

Touch-Therm characteristics:

  • Rustproof

  • Long lasting

  • Made in Italy

  • 5-year guarantee