EPOTHERM®, the exclusive outdoor coating by Metaltex that adds value and quality to the product.

Epotherm® surface treatment is the quality alternative to traditional polyethylene and electrostatic epoxy coatings.

Epotherm® is the result of continuous studies and refinements of our Research & Development department, with the aim of creating a line of technologically advanced products – built to last, for its customers.

A treatment that offers undoubted advantages:

  • Epotherm® is a quality coating: it is an epoxy treatment with about 30% more plastic protection, which makes the product line thicker and decreases the onset of bending.Thanks to the greater amount of coating, each point of the product is covered thoroughly, including the welding points and the ends of the wires – critical points for traditional epoxy systems. Epotherm® products give a perceived value of ​​greater solidity and longevity.
  • Epotherm® is resistant: laboratory tests show that articles treated with Epotherm® tolerate atmospheric agents better than old-fashioned treatments.Epotherm® does not split, it prevents the formation of rust and unsanitary moulds that make polyethylene (LDPE) products, turn yellow.
  •  Epotherm® cleans easily, due it’s antistatic properties, which repel dirt.
  •  Epotherm® products are guaranteed for 5 years.