Chrometherm®, the latest accomplishment by Metaltex research and development, is the new exclusive coating with a chrome look.

Chrometherm® is the innovative eco-solution that greatly reduces impact on key environmental indicators in comparison to the traditional method of chrome plating.

Chrometherm® coating has undergone an LCA – Life Cycle Assessment test, in order to be compared with the standard chrome plating process and verify independently and scientifically its environmental impacts.


Helps to reduce the impact on global warming.


Helps to decrease the eutrophication.  The excess of phosphates causes the proliferation of microscopic algae which consume large amounts of oxygen,
causing fish to die.


Helps to lower the level  of photochemical smog which is harmful to human health and to nature.


Helps to decrease the phenomenon of acid rain that causes serious consequences to living organisms and the degradation of materials.