News 2021

The Metaltex group collaborates with the Setificio of Como


Metaltex started a collaboration in 2020 with the Paolo Carcano Institute, known as the *Setificio of Como for the development of patterns for home textile products. (*Italian for silk factory). Thanks to the coordination of the Setificio Foundation, which manages the interaction between the institute and the “job market”, Metaltex …

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The recent floods in Europe hit the Metaltex branch in Belgium

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Metaltex performs its first transcontinental online Marketing Meeting


“Good morning Mexico, good morning U.S., good evening Hong Kong and good afternoon to everybody else in the middle”. That’s how our first Online Marketing & Sales Manager Meeting started on Tuesday May 11th 2021, involving Metaltex branches on 3 different continents. An important number of projects concerning new products …

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