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Metaltex Marketing Meeting 2018 in Spa


Eleven years later, the annual Metaltex Marketing Meeting returns to Belgium. This time, however, not in the European capital of Brussels but in Spa, a city famous for having given its name to the wellness centres spreaded all over the world. This because already since the 16th century the city …

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TOMADO, the timeless brand


It will not be a coincidence that the TOMADO bookshelf, which only 4 months ago was exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, the museum of modern art in Amsterdam, today fills the double page of Holland’s most popular daily newspaper, De Telegraaf. The well-known newspaper highlights how the TOMADO brand and …

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AMBIENTE 2018: new Polytherm® Copper… and much more!


After the AMBIENTE 2018 show, our first results conclude that we had a good number of visitors to Metaltex stand, with many visitors showing interest in  many of our new proposals. There was great success with our Polytherm® Copper range program. The new copper-finishing Polytherm® launched last fall but was presented officially …

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Tomado bookshelf fits perfect everywhere, even at the Stedelijk Museum


The TOMADO bookshelf is an original modular shelving system, truly a timeless work! Designed by Adriaan Dekker in 1958, it was immediately a great success. A simple and minimalist product, easy to assemble, modular, suitable for many environments but, above all, a Design Product. Today Tomado bookshelf is proposed in many versions… …

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