News 2005

J. G. Vergopoulos in full sail!


The firm J.G. VERGOPOULOS in Palini is the first member of METALTEX ALLIANCE. John Vergopoulos has been part of the “METALTEX family” for over 20 years, being a credit to our brand name in Greece, the cradle of European civilization. As a member of METALTEX ALLIANCE J.G. VERGOPOULOS is ensured …

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Metaltex Alliance: Articulos Importados (Peru)


Metaltex has formed alliances with independent firms in many countries to ensure the distribution of its sales programme. These firms import directly from Italian and Chinese Metaltex production facilities. Project METALTEX ALLIANCE is a strong point in the group’s business strategy and the firm ARTICULOS IMPORTADOS in Lima is one …

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New Metaltex joint-venture in Brazil


The new joint venture formed in Brazil with the firm Glassinter took its first steps during the first half of 2005. The new firm, BRAMETEX – Comércio de Artigos de uso Doméstico Ltda, based in Sao Paolo will be directed by Mr. Daniel Rubinsztejn, long-standing expert in Metaltex products. Considering …

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Indiaca: two Metaltex athletes lead the Swiss championship


Formed years ago in Brazil, INDIACA established itself in many central European countries in mid-1900. Currently there is also a World Championship and the Champions’ Cup, which will be held in Estonia in 2006, is organised every 4 years. Two teams formed by 5 players each will dispute the match …

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Blu Moon skipper at the helm of Mascalzone Latino in the America Cup


The helmsman of Mascalzone Latino at the next Louis Vitton Cup will be Blu Moon skipper, Flavio Favini. But our friend and shipowner Franco Rossini has already taken remedial measures. Very likely, at the next Lugano Grand Prix, which coincides with the America Cup training sessions, Flavio Favini will be …

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COMO – Full Marketing and Sales immersion


On 6 and 7 May 2005 at the Hotel Palace of Como (Italy), the annual Marketing Meeting of the sales managers of the Metaltex Group was staged. Over 50 people from three continents convened to discuss market problems, goals, strategies and new products. Talking of products, interest centred on: the …

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Metaltex-Italia celebrates the group’s 60th anniversary


Directors and employees of Metaltex-Italia convened on 6 May in the stupendous Villa Erba of Cernobbio to celebrate the 60 years of the foundation of Metaltex. The Chairman of Metaltex-Italia, Ivano Morandi, in thanking all the participants, recalled that it was above all thanks to their commitment that the company …

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First METALTEX Golf Tournament


On the greens of the “La Pinetina” Golf Club (Appiano Gentile, Italy), the first “Metaltex” Golf tournament was staged yesterday. The event was part of the celebrations organised to mark the 60th anniversary of the group and proved a great success. Over a distance of 18 holes, the best players …

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Metaltex is 60 years young!


The Metaltex Group was founded in the Italian part of Switzerland in February 1945. A birthday party was held at the Metaltex stand at Ambiente 2005. Sergio Morandi, President of Metaltex, on that occasion remembered that the many important goals the Company has reached over the years were attributable not …

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New Metaltex Branch in Hungary


Our new distributing company in Hungary has been operational since January 12th, 2005. RIO-METALTEX is born out of the joint venture between RIO-MERCANTIL (former Metaltex distributor in Hungary) and the Metaltex Group. Great importance is attached to this new venture, whose primary goal it is to increase the penetration of …

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