“Madzi ndi moyo”
in Chichewa: Water is life


Our colleague Sara Fontana in the name of her association, travels to the heart of Africa, to bring water to those who have not had the luck to have it at hand. For more information on sustainable tourism in Malawi visit *Koiné, is a non-profit association in Olgiate Comasco. Sara …

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TOMADO at the Stedelijk Museum


In December 2017 the basement of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands, was restyled by Rem Koolhaas, a famous Dutch architect. Artworks from Piet Mondrian and Jeff Koons were exhibited next to more daily use products from 1880 till present day, a real …

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Barcelona hosts the annual Metaltex Marketing Meeting


It has been 6 years since the annual Metaltex Marketing Meeting was last held in Spain. Traditionally it would have been performed in Valencia, site of the Spanish Metaltex branch but this year as a change of scenery the popular city of Barcelona was chosen as the meeting point for the 3-day …

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