Bottle Racks
Organise your cellar and save space.


All wine connoisseurs know how important it is to store bottles in the correct way and in perfect order.

Metaltex produce a wide variety of bottle racks that help to store the maximum amount of bottles, in the smallest amount of space.

Our bottle racks are available in various sizes, storing bottles in quantities of 6-24, 36-48 or up to 72.

Made in Italy with hard-wearing materials to stand the test of time, many models are stackable, allowing you to fill an entire cellar wall.

Available in three different finishes:

  • Chrome plated, model SOAVE.
  • Polyethylene coating, models DOLCETTO, CABERNET, BAROLO, MERLOT, and BARDOLINO.
  • Epotherm® coating,  (the exclusive Metaltex coating: last, antistatic, 3 years guarantee) models CHIANTI, BARBERA and PINOT.

Store, display and preserve your wine in a sophisticated manner, with a bottle rack from Metaltex.